At Impact Ministries, we exist to serve and encourage people by providing an atmosphere of safety, career plan example essay peace and total acceptance. God desires to help you, heal you and prosper you beyond what you could ever think or dream of. Our desire is to see people experiencing the Grace of God, keeping Jesus as their central focus and being led of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. We believe this will result in ‘true unity of the Spirit’ and personal growth among us. We invite you to visit us this Sunday for our morning teaching service or night ministry service. It is God’s plan to have a purposeĀ for His people, as a result we strive to: share Jesus and His message of grace, love and acceptance – eternal life.

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For years I have condemned myself, but since hearing of God’s Grace & that I am as righteous as I am ever going to be, I am able to walk in freedom which has changed my marriage, my home and my smile!
New Member, Looking for a church
I have been a christian for years. Now I feel alive and I’m learning new things, especially about Grace… I can;t put it into words, but my heart has been so changed.
New To Impact, Planted
It’s so refreshing to hear about God’s Grace from people who are not putting on any show
Breath of Fresh Air!, Visitor
It’s great to see such honest care towards us from your team when we first came. We have now been five times and I am happy to say that it is genuine. Our children were also made to feel so welcome and they too were looked after by other children. So we see that it is all through out the church.
Here to Stay, New Member
After searching find bride for a home church and visiting many others, we have found God’s voice expressed through the original music and the spirit of the house. We were so overwhelmed and ministered to by the Holy Spirit
Thank You, New Member