2016 Australian Census Q19

Every five years, our national census gathers information about Australians which helps our government make decisions on policies, distribution of funding, and planning for services in our communities. Question 19 is optional, but especially important as it reflects the influence of Christianity in our nation. If you call Impact Church home, make sure you tick “Other” for Question 19 and write “Pentecostal” in the space provided. This will give the Bureau of Statistics an accurate snapshot of the strength of our movement. So this year on census night, let’s make a collective effort to be counted and recognised as a strong influence in our nation.

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Why Church? Luke 4:16 tells us how Jesus went up to the place of worship. If He did it – it must be beneficial to us also wouldn’t you think? In these modern days we have the opportunity to gather together in ‘places of worship’ or churches right across our nation. A group of ‘called out’ individuals who gather together in services large and small, to collectively congregate around HIM in one accord. We get to fellowship with each other centered around our Lord.  I love how Jesus said He can only do what He sees His Father doing, because whatever the Father does the son does also. I simply see the answer to ‘Why Church?’ as this: Church is a God idea… so it must be good for us. We don’t have to go to church (yes we are the church) but hey, we get to!

A place of love | grace | acceptance
A place of positivity
Being part of a community – family
Where dreams & aspirations are fueled
Where faith is built to go and make a difference in your world

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2015 ICFM Conference

Yes it’s that time again and so we are excited to be hosting the Annual International Convention Of Faith Ministries Conference again.  All details of the conference can be found on the ICFM Australia site. And YES you’ve heard right, the keynote speaker for the conference is our wonderful friend and brother from New Creation Ministries, Singapore – Ps Lawrence Lim.

Starting this coming Monday 25th May through to Thursday 28th May.

Day sessions are for registered delegates only, but all night sessions beginning at 7pm are open for the public.

All welcome!