The Mail-Order Bride Phenomenon IN a global world OF INCREASING GLOBALISATION HOW CAN REGULATIONS AND BUSINESS GENERATE SECURE OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS TO GENERALLY MEET ON LINE IN NUMEROUS NATIONS? Contrary to popular depiction in the news and between the population of western nations, the concept of a ‘mail-order bride’ no more exists within the traditional feeling; within the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, females for instance the ‘casket girls’ of the latest Orleans had been usually purchased through catalogs or provided for colonies by their Governments to marry settlers and continue maintaining the harmony and prosperity regarding the colony. 1 Nowadays, the definition of generally describes females from developing countries which use introduction services such as for instance Anastasia International ( HYPERLINK “” to satisfy and perhaps marry guys in very very first globe countries. 2 The misconception that is common at least pertaining to ladies in the Commonwealth of Independent States ( the previous Soviet Union), is the fact that they truly are coming to the nation to flee governmental or financial chaos in their own personal. 3 The article that is following dispel the misconception regarding the ‘mail-order bride’ and give an explanation for appropriate issues regarding security and safety both for women and men trying to satisfy some body internationally. (more…)